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bulding, creating & solving

BC& Studio di Consulenza Societaria Tributaria e Legale was founded in 1997 by its partners, Alberto Bestetti and Umberto Cattaneo, who – having successfully improved the experience and the know-how they have accrued during the years – have developed an independent well-structured and multitasking professional entity.

Nowadays BC& is an evolved and well-coordinated firm composed by more than 50 people, among professionals and staff members, that combines tax, legal and corporate skills.

Due to its multitasking approach, BC& is able to catch and understand the Client’s needs matching and exploiting BC&’s different attitudes and expertise, thus dealing with, managing and solving at the best any request, proposing tailor made and economically efficient solutions, always fully compliant with applicable legal requirements.

Areas of Expertise

To such purpose and with the aim to guarantee the maximum efficiency and high performance levels, BC& is particularly careful in selecting the different teams to be on charge for any Client’s request, such teams being always coordinated by a Partner and made of professionals with adequate seniority, necessary skills and specific expertise.

bulding, creating, & solving

Always in this perspective, even maintaining its independence, BC& has developed and goes on developing well-built international connections with reputed foreign tax and law firms.

As a consequence of the foregoing, BC&’s distinction – within the Italian consultancy panorama – is its unique approach and its capability to assist its Clients with a 360° formula in dealing with any and all tax, corporate and legal issues, in every jurisdiction and in each step of their corporate and entrepreneurial life.

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