Corporate Law

BC& Studio di Consulenza Societaria Tributaria Legale assists Clients during their entire entrepreneurial life concerning both ordinary and all extraordinary management of the company and also concerning non-recurrent transactions, always with the aim to satisfy the Italian and/or foreign company’s exigencies and supports the management in both ordinary and extraordinary decisions making process.

Due to the wide expertise accrued by its Professionals, BC& is able to provide a qualified assistance also in respect to the most critical and complex corporate matters such as:

– Analysis and assistance in drafting any corporate deed

– Analysis, management and solving of any corporate matters arising out from contracts, relationships with domestic and international customers and suppliers as well as with credit institutions

– Evaluation, negotiation, drafting and execution of, amongst others, deed of incorporation of any consortium, associations and joint-ventures

– Extraordinary transactions such as mergers, demergers, management buyout, leveraged buyout (also with private equity investment funds), corporate capital transactions

– Business evaluations and drafting of business plans

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