Italian legislative decree no. 231/2001

Starting from the entry into force of the Italian Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 BC& Studio di Consulenza Societaria Tributaria Legale has always taken care of its practical application in favor of medium and big companies. BC& has therefore accrued a significant experience in such practice area and is able to provide an excellent and tailor-made assistance during the entire creation and implementation process of the Organizational Model, including the drafting of the Ethical Code and the appointment of the Supervisory Body, the components of which are often chosen amongst BC& Professionals. BC& carries out, amongst others, the following activities:

– Evaluation, for the purposes of a proper and detailed gap analysis, of all audit systems and other internal procedures

– Risk assessment

– Impact of the Organizational Model on the company

– Drafting of the Organizational Model and of the Ethical Code

– Training courses aimed at allowing a proper divulgation and application of the Organizational Model in favor of the management, the employees and the consultants of the company

– Supervisory Bodies and consequent audits aimed at constantly verify the adequacy of the Organizational Model – drafting of the minutes of the meetings of the Supervisory Bodies

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