Glauco Posa

Glauco Posa was born in Como on 15 December 1965.

He graduated full votes in Economics and he subsequently successfully took an internal audit master. Enrolled in the Milan Certified Public Accountants and Official Auditors Bar since 1993.

Partner of BC& since 2002.

Glauco gained a very consolidated experience in both domestic and cross border corporate tax matters, as well as in financial extraordinary transactions. He also advices on tax planning and business concerns evaluations. Reference partner in transactions involving companies in arrangement with creditors, or in relation to which any bankruptcy proceeding has to be put in place and NPL trading.
Glauco is member of the Board of Statutory Auditors of medium and large companies and is also member of the Supervisory Board (“Organismo di Vigilanza”) of primary companies. Technical Consultant of the Milan Court and advisor of primary financial groups. Before joining BC& Glauco carried out his professional activity autonomously.

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