BC& in the acquisition of EMMAUS S.p.A. by OVER Group

Over, holding company of the eponymous entrepreneurial group active in the silver economy field, acquired through one of its subsidiaries the entire (100%) share capital of Emmaus, a network of nursing homes for elderly people. BC&, with a multitasking and synergetic team composed by Elena Zavanella (partner), Daniele Crosti (junior partner), Alberto Bestetti (managing partner) […]

Sclafani and Salvadeo new equity partners of BC&

BC& Studio di Consulenza Societaria Tributaria Legale announces the appointment of two new Partners: Sandro Sclafani and Stefano Salvadeo. Sandro, who joined BC& in 2011, is Salary Partner since 2021. Stefano, who was already partner of BDO, joins BC& as new Partner. Scarica l’articolo Sandro Sclafani Stefano Salvadeo

BC& in the acquisition of Officine Meccaniche Torino by Accelleron

Accelleron Industries AG, worldwide leader in the turbocharger technologies and digital solutions making engines more efficient and allowing emissions reduction, announced the acquisition of the entire (100%) share capital of Officine Meccaniche Torino S.p.A. (OMT), a leading manufacturer of fuel injection systems for marine engines. The transaction will be executed within the next few weeks. The overall structure of […]

BC& with BV TECH in the acquisition of Arturai Group

BC& Studio di Consulenza Societaria Tributaria e Legale – with a team composed by Silvia Mignatti, Sandro Sclafani, Daniele Crosti and Aldo Prina Ricotti – assisted BV TECH in all tax and corporate matters regarding the acquisition of Arturai Group, active in the supply of services of global Cloud security, enterprise security and Web performance, all based on […]

BC& with Cofinair in the acquisition of DECSA

BC& Studio di Consulenza Societaria Tributaria e Legale, with a team made by Franco Pietro Battaglia, Daniele Crosti, Alberto Nava and Lucrezia Anzanello assisted Cofinair a French group specialized in the manufacturing of cooling towers in all legal, tax and corporate matters regarding the acquisition of a majority stake in Decsa S.r.l. a company active […]

BC& with Joe Bastianich in the healthy food sector

BC& – with a multidisciplinary team composed by Franco Pietro Battaglia (partner), Giampiero Morales (junior partner), Daniele Crosti (junior partner) and Giulia Piazza (associate) – assisted Flowers Farm, the limited liability company operating in Italy and Europe in the cultivation and marketing of cannabis with high CBD index, in all legal, corporate and tax aspects of […]