The lawyer Lucrezia Anzanello on the legal journal “Il diritto dell’economia”

On the legal journal Il Diritto dell’Economia (no. 3-2020) Lucrezia Anzanello (Associate), with the purpose of analyzing the impact of the Coronavirus’ spread on the law, deepens some typical elements of the American health care system such as, in particular, the so called Health Care Sharing Ministries, consisting in no-profit bodies having a religious connotation.

This alternative health care solution, which is typically American, has been developed as reaction against the insufficient state assistance, which does not guarantee an adequate protection in favor of the citizens.

At the time being the Health Care Sharing Ministries are object of a deep debate mainly involving the jurisdictional bodies, which discuss on the interrelation between the health plans they propose and the insurance sector.

The article examines the modus operandi of the Health Care Sharing Ministries, focusing on the main exceptions raised by the still pending class actions, finally proposing a comparison with the Italian health care system and the problems affecting its multi-pillar structure.