BC& in the sale of the companies belonging to the Antonio Verrini & Figli group to MARR

MARR S.p.A., Italian leader in the trade and distribution fields of food and non-food products completed the acquisition of the entire corporate capital of a newly incorporated company in which all activities of Antonio Verrini & Figli S.p.A., including those of processing and trading of seafood products, have been previously contributed, as well as of Chef S.r.l., lessee of the business concern Chef Seafood.

Antonio Verrini & Figli S.p.A., based in Genoa, operates with 5 distribution centres located along the coast of Liguria and Viareggio. It represents a landmark in the trading of seafood products in Liguria and in Versilia. In 2020 the company achieved a turnover amounting to Euro 48 millions (in 2019, prior to the pandemic crisis, the turnover reached the amount of Euro 58 millions); the company focuses on fresh products as well as in the processing of fresh and defrosting products. The transaction also covered the acquisition of Chef S.r.l. active in the coast of Emilia Romagna that in 2020 achieved a turnover exceeding Euro 7 millions in terms of sale of seafood products through the distribution centre located in San Clemente (Rimini).
BC&, with a team composed of Mr. Umberto Cattaneo (Partner), Mr. Sandro Sclafani (Salary Partner) and Mr. Daniele Crosti (Junior Partner) assisted the contributing company ANTONIO VERRINI E FIGLI S.p.A. and the holding company VERRINI HOLDING S.r.l. in all tax, legal, contractual, and regulatory issues related to the transaction.