BC& attending the Biennale di Venezia – Arte 2022

BC& is Official Sponsor of the Namibia Pavillon at the Certosa Island for the Biennale di Venezia (Arte)” – 2022 Edition.

“A Bridge to the Desert”

The Namibia Pavillon is making its debut at the 59th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia with the Land Art project
“The Lone Stone Men of the Desert” by RENN.

“The Lone Stone Men of the Desert” is a Land Art project that comes alive in the Namibia desert: a series of sculptures made of desert stones and iron rods had been appearing across one of the most remote and uncontaminated corners of the planet.


The plate with the numbers identifying such sculptures and the sentence distinguishing them tell us about an upcoming meeting, a réunion

It is an invitation to reflect over cultural distances, lack of interactions, on the opportunity and necessity to meet again and recognize each other. 

These creations are born with the sole ambition to exist as pure and uncontaminated art, with no further scope beyond their creation

And that is the aspect being essential to keep to the international attention: the genuineness of art. The artwork is a collective performance of the different sculptures and the desert constitutes an integral part of the artwork. 


The choice to place the sculptures across one of the most remote and uncontaminated corners of the planet represents the frame in which RENN want to insert their message. A reflection left to the custody of the most ancient desert where only two kinds of observers can enter in connection with the artwork: Himba triboo (within the latest living as of today in a pre-technological condition) and the few, lucky and brave travellers exploring the desert (the majority of them being part of social groups opposed to the Himba, with high technological and urbanized lifestyles).