BC& with BV TECH in the acquisition of Arturai Group

BC& Studio di Consulenza Societaria Tributaria e Legale – with a team composed by Silvia Mignatti, Sandro Sclafani, Daniele Crosti and Aldo Prina Ricotti – assisted BV TECH in all tax and corporate matters regarding the acquisition of Arturai Group, active in the supply of services of global Cloud security, enterprise security and Web performance, all based on Akamai platform, equipped with the biggest edge computing of the world.

Through the acquisition of Arturai Group BV TECH – already active in Italy and UK in the fields of information security, ICT and complex digital infrastructures and systems – expands both the services offered, now including Cybersecurity, and the territories where it operates, such territories being already extended to Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and UK, have now concrete potentialities of further expansion all over Europe and worldwide.

Silvia Mignatti